Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 28_medium


    Like CouchSurfing, but with food

    Created by DefV, jomz, jelle, jeroenj

  • 53_medium


    BlopBlop lets you create polls to compare stuff : images, files, links, youtube videos, places on maps, dates, source code, texts, ... No signup required. Share with Facebook, Twitter or by email!

    Created by aurels, verlinden, fstephany

  • 64_medium


    Ever bought a certain person a present and it turned out someone else had the same idea? Or can't find an idea for a good gift? Our app tries to solve that

    Created by DefV, jomz, YoniWeb, tomkurt

  • 72_medium


    The missing link between Twitter and Facebook.

    Created by fousa, pjaspers, nicklooijmans, atog