Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 83_medium

    Splendid Bacon

    Project management for hackers. Project management doesn't have to be complicated. Splendid Bacon assumes that you can trust your colleagues and makes sure that you have a sane number of projects. This is project management for the 99% of us who ...

    Created by k33l0r, jcxplorer, akonan

  • 43_medium


    Simple, but powerfull event organization and management. We give you the only and ultimate tool to finally take care of your private meeting and every task, that relates to it. Stop doing everything by yourself, let your friends help you.

    Created by tasiu, Bonias, tastypl, lechu

  • 50_medium


    (For a quick functionality demo: http://boarrd.com/dashboards/welaika) Boarrd is a hosted, higly customizable, do-it-yourself status board giving you a quick & fancy look at all the indicators that matter mostly to you, your company or your team. ...

    Created by stefanoverna, matjack1, namuit, knick

  • 60_medium

    Language Exchange

    Foreign Language Exchange Your friends would like to help you practice that new language you've started to learn, but they don't know what words you know. NextLang solves this by integrating flash card reviewing with one-on-one online chat. The c...

    Created by pwnall, uShadow, hypermunkee, yayalice

  • 74_medium

    Care of Me

    We are Linking Paths and La Personnalité and Care of Me is the result of our participation at the Rails Rumble 2010. It was built in 48 hours. This app sends reminders to the people you care of, using simple phone calls. You can use it to remind the...

    Created by aitor, molpe, salicio, maxkuri

  • Thumb_screenshot

    Airport Atlas

    Find food, shopping, restrooms, power outlets, and places to relax (i.e., take a nap on that long layover) in airports around the world -- and don't forget to sign in and add your favorite places, too.

    Created by bscofield

  • 44_medium


    Welcome to Jamibia! Do you play? Jamibia is a place where you can show yourself, meet other musicians and jam along with them. Jamibia is a social network centered around jam sessions. Musicians can register and ad jams, so their followers can see ...

    Created by oriolgual, txus, , josepjaume

  • 45_medium

    Space Shippers

    A casual game putting the player in the boss-chair of a newly started shipping company. Space-shipping, that is.

    Created by koppen, RSpace, rud

  • 46_medium

    White Board HQ

    WhiteboardHQ will be your headquarters to manage your personal, business and event to-do lists while managing your project priorities. With an easy to use interface you will be able to create custom views to quickly keep track of where your many proje...

    Created by rayonrails, ,

  • 47_medium


    Where is this place? Get a picture and try to guess the place!

    Created by pellegrino, RamonPage, tapajos, viniciusteles