Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 63_medium

    Commendable Kids

    CommendableKids.com allows parents, teachers, and anyone who cares about children, to register a child and begin awarding them badges for their hard work, milestones, skill developments and anything else you believe deserves commending. Then, you can i...

    Created by bburridge, , pothoven,

  • 21_medium


    Lowdown is a collaborative tool for writing and working with Cucumber. If Cucumber lets us describe how software should behave in plain text in a business-readable domain-specific language then Lowdown is the tea party where thinly sliced sandwiches ar...

    Created by wesgarrison, seancribbs, pauld, scottymoon

  • 71_medium


    Compress those annoyingly long RSS feeds into short little stories. Currently using an open source library to handle a lot of the heavy lifting, but I plan on replacing that with algorithms of my own development when I have more than 48 hours. It wo...

    Created by jm

  • 37_medium


    get alerts (email/sms/im) when new episodes of your favorite tv shows are available

    Created by jcnetdev

  • 76_medium

    Go vs Go

    Play the board game Go online with other players or against the computer.

    Created by ryanb, JEG2,

  • 19_medium


    Hurl makes HTTP requests. Great for testing APIs! Choose your URL, HTTP method, body, headers and view your request and the response.

    Created by defunkt, leah

  • 5_medium


    TrackClass helps you get your school work organized. From reminders to notes to assignments and grades, you'll be on top of your studies! Demo account: demo@mailinator.com password: password

    Created by tristandunn, synewaves

  • 68_medium


    Battle for foursquare locations using a browser based game. Whenever you check in you can try to take a location, if you want to keep it then you will need to deploy reinforcements whenever you are passing your location. Your war chest... War ...

    Created by jamescotterill, golov, Laffy, omgitsads

  • 36_medium


    LAZEROIDS! Massively multiplayer, peer-to-peer, never-ending game of asteroids. Shoot your friends! Avoid the asteroids!! Name your ship!!! But not in IE!!!!

    Created by huned, visnup, gerad

  • 67_medium

    Awesome Fontstacks

    Awesome Fontstacks Easily create bundles of beautifully matching, free web fonts, with failsafe font stacks to back them up. Including ready-to-go CSS code!

    Created by halfbyte, alto, wowo101, theflow